How did the largest financial fraud in US history—the Madoff scandal—transform the investment industry? And what were the root causes of the global financial crisis? Financial crises and frauds are an unfortunate part of the financial markets, but these events offer rich opportunities to examine the limits of our knowledge. As memories fade, it is easy to draw the wrong conclusions, or, in many cases, none at all. That’s why we created this site — to harvest those lessons and shed light on the causes, dynamics, and outcomes of historical crises that altered the financial markets.

What makes our site different? For starters, we highlight the relevant investment principles based on the unique circumstances of the particular fraud or crisis. Secondly, we strive to create an online community that expands upon our original analysis based on the feedback and expertise of those closest to these events — you, the investment practitioner.

Through collective sharing of individual knowledge and experiences, we’ll all gain a better understanding of the many lessons history can offer. So please comment on the featured cases. And if you have the requisite experience and would like to contribute a case on a particular crisis, contact us at crisis@cfainstitute.org.